Our members live in curated spaces with Wi-Fi, Netflix, laundry, private garden, BBQ, car parking and utilities.

All inclusive membership with private rooms starting from AU$1200 per month.
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What to Expect


Stay a month or stay a while. Move within and between open homes or leave with only a month's notice.


Sharing open spaces and amenities means high quality living at lower cost than rent or ownership.


All you need to feel at home. open rooms are air-conditioned and have a desk, queen-size bed and linen.


open spaces are air-conditioned and fully furnished. Enjoy modern kitchens, BBQ, WiFi, and Netflix.


Electricity, gas, water and internet are all included in the open membership fee. No utility bills.


open has shared kitchen and bath supplies. A weekly cleaning service makes a welcome home.

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How it Works

5 steps to open membership and move in.

Apply from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

open will contact you for a video or phone interview.

open will check your background and ability to pay.

open membership — select room and payment method

open members will welcome you on your move in day.

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